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Cinematic Films

For over a decade, TDH Media has consistently revolutionised the wedding video industry, popularising award-winning Marryokes and introducing ground-breaking products such as Tablebooth® to the market.

Utilising the most up-to- date in film technology, ranging from the latest drones with gimble-controlled 4K cameras to cinema-quality cranes, steady cams and sliders, we now can offer you cinema-quality films of your wedding day.

Imagine the action recorded in such a way that it feels you are starring in a major motion picture.

Using multiple cameras and operators, we can produce extremely high-quality cinematic memories of your wedding day for you to relive in the comfort of your own home.

See our packages section for more information, or view some examples below. Please note that the music in these video examples is for promotion use only. You have the option to use music of your choice.